About Us

Parks Convenient Solutions, LLC is a Professional Cleaning Company offering a variety of services such as Janitorial Services, Commercial Cleaning Services, Government Cleaning Services and more . We're a solution and/or remedy to becoming your one source entity to perform or offer a variety of services instead of searching for multiple. We've leveraged and skillfully perfected our services to not only provide (YOU) the customer with reward winning service, but we've conducted continuous research in our industries, thus improving our services, utilizing best practices, and developing forward-thinking methods, i.e new techniques and latest technology. We understand that you deserve someone that will provide you quality care, affordable cost, and will get the job done right the first time. We not only tailored our services to meet the expectations of federal agencies, state departments, and local governments, but our commercial client base are treated with the same level of commitment, consistency, and correctness.

Our office location in Raeford, NC is equipped to service buildings and structures in the entire state including: the Greater Bragg area, Fayetteville, Charlotte, Raleigh and everywhere in between.

Our office location in Killeen, Texas is equipped to service commercial and government buildings in the entire state including: Austin, Dallas, Amarillo and beyond.

Our Knowledge and Experience:

Knowledge of the AHA standard for cleaning medical facilities- clinics, hospitals, labs, dentist offices, or research facilities. Knowledge and experience in cleaning structures; buildings, landmarks, public facilities, parks, recreation areas, rest stops, airports, executive buildings, hotel chains, corporate facilities, stadiums, high rise buildings, car dealerships, retail stores, supply chains or distribution centers, production facilities, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, banks and financial institutions, malls, churches, single & multiple family homes, remodeling or construction clean up, apartment complexes, and other common living structures.

Our Services Include: Controlling floor appearance by vacuuming, sweeping and mopping of hard floor surfaces. Disinfect telephones, door handles, light switches, to cut down on transfer of germs.  Disinfect and polish all water fountains.  Restrooms, thoroughly disinfect partitions, urinals, toilets, sinks and clean mirrors.  Report any unusual occurrences, malfunctions or damages.

Email: pcsconvsolutions@gmail.com or call us at 800-824-9751 for a free phone consultation.

Our Goal

We exist to leave our clients with the most memorable cleaning experience ever. We are driven by standards that will make any business or home aesthetically pleasing, safe, and clean. Our ethics are in bold with our initials PCS. We provide- Peace of Mind, Commitment, and Quality Service. We're guided by those principles; we stand behind it and guarantee it to you.

Vision: PCS is a premier cleaning company that provides integrated solutions and services to meet our clients needs. We offer you the highest level of professionalism, commitment, and we inspire to build lasting customer relationships.

Core Competencies: Independently verifiable; Accurate in our performance; we add value by helping you maintain a safe & clean environment; consistent in what we do; we continue to develop innovative solutions; we are credible, reliable, and trusted; we operate with integrity.

Why are we different than others?

We are dedicated to providing you quality care, cost effective services, and reward winning performance.

We continuously look to improve our services to satisfy our customers and meet their highest expectations.

We are a forward-thinking company who strives to be world-class. We are known for being honest, delivering exceptional services, and completing the job right the first time.

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