Our Pledge To Our Customers' is Hiring the Right People.

We strongly believe in HIRING THE RIGHT FIT for our Company

Before submitting this application. Ask yourself, Do I meet criteria?
There are two types of people:

  • Those who follow trends and those who set them
  • Those who say no and those who ask
  • Those who focus on problems and those who envision possibilities
  • Those who make mistakes and those who learn from them
  • Those who fix blame and those who fix problems
  • Those who fear change and those who thrive on it
  • Those who tear down and those who buildup
  • Those who quit at the end of the day and those who never stop
  • Those who make it up as they go and those who know where they're headed
  • Those who roll with the punches and those who deliver the punch
  • Those who strive and those who achieve
Which type are you?

Do you want to like to have fun?

Are you committed to the job?


Do you like to give back and help others?

Do you like making good money?

The details aren't in some long boring job description.

Most never live up to that ANYWAY. What we're looking for are candidates who share our Core Value System and Fit Our Business Model.

  • Be Committed
  • Be Honest
  • Do the Right Thing At All Times
  • Be Real
  • Do what you say you will do
  • Giving back/ Helping Others
  • Enjoy Life

PART OF THE JOB requires physical compass- We want to determine if you also have the moral compass to do the job.

We need someone honest enough that when they find something that may not belong to them, they have the integrity to report it or return it.

Gives 100% to ensure job satisfaction. Are you committed to the job?

Do you like to have fun?

Do you like to give back and helping others?

Do you like making good money?


Join Our Team

Interested in a career opportunity? Please fill out information below. If your a good fit, someone from our Team will contact you. We're hiring in the Killeen, Texas area and around Raeford, and Fayetteville, North Carolina. Please review the Job Description prior to applying.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

PCS Services is an equal opportunity employer and offer any available positions to all, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, parenthood, pregnancy, marital status or changes in marital status, in accordance with applicable state and federal laws. This applies to recruitment, placement, pay, benefits, training, employment status changes, social and recreational programs, and other conditions and benefits of employment. As an Veteran owned company, we seek out and hire qualified Veterans and minorities.

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