Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

We can clean during off peak hours, holidays, or weekends. We can offer our One-Time or Routine Service weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. We can perform general office cleaning, fitness centers, churches, medical facilities, restaurants, schools, commercial buildings, retail stores, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, banks, or public areas.

Our Commercial Cleaning Processes

Our Automated Systems:

It's not that we want to do away with cleaning companies traditional practices. At PCS, we want to elevate and advance the perception within the janitorial industry by providing our clients' with the latest technology and most hassle free automated processes: we use advanced software solutions that allow the tracking of inspections, inventory levels, consumables, and help to identify low thrush points; we've also systemized our processes for prompt invoicing, sales receipts, as well as providing estimates for our clients.

Quality Staff:

With us, you get a Team, Culture, and Company that believes in doing what we say we will do. Which by the way is one of our Core Values. We holdup company standards and guarantee you our Staff and new employees share, embrace, and practice this as well.

How we deal with complaints from customers:

Quality surveys help locate nonconformance issues. Raising awareness should facilitate prevention. We want to locate and oil the wheel before it squeaks. Reporting inferior cleaning results should then lead to prompt correction. Our Surveys allow proactive response vs reactive response . We want to know, How we're doing? How others say we're doing? Are we doing what we should be doing?
Never should one try to avoid quality feedback: We're not living in a perfect world and we realize mistakes will happen; however, we never want to appear to be out of touch with our customers by NOT knowing when their needs and expectations have changed or NOT being met.

Negative People:

The moral fabric of any company can quickly become diluted when you allow negative people into it. Therefore, once identified we remove or resolve those issues immediately. Though difficult to detect early on, allowing them to exist or remain will cause more issues which has the potential to spread like germs.

Cutting Corners:

Having procedures are just as important as the air you breath. It is much needed. You can't cheat yourself on breathing air. Why cheat or cut corners?

Unreliable/ Untrustworthy people:

This is NOT one of our Core Values, therefore, we don't hire, support, or tolerate unreliable or untrustworthy people.

Offer Value not price:

One of the most important parts of our QUALITY ASSURANCE Program is knowing that our customers are satisfied with our service. We do not devalue our pricing model by trying acquire new customers with low ball or unreasonable low price points. The value in selecting PCS is knowing that with every dollar you spend, WE guarantee you quality in our service, performance, and .

Online Customer Assessment Survey

This survey helps us to determine how we can best serve and meet your needs.