We can assist with managing Debris Plan Development Processes, help to assign staffing roles, ensure compliance with FEMA Guidelines, and evaluate if resources are needed to conduct emergency, safety, and secondary operations.

Our Consulting and Management Services consist of providing oversight of Emergency Clean-up Processes, Establishing Environmental Compliance Programs, Assisting to monitor Hazardous Waste Clean-up, Debris Monitoring Services, Establish Safety Programs, Establish Spill Contingency Plans, and Establish Waste Management Programs.

We can help to identify methods and milestones that will ensure a structured organized approach while implementing or planning Emergency Response, maintaining Safety Standards, or aligning entities and/or individual efforts for Disaster Relief/Recovery Development Processes.

Who can we assist?

  • Schools
  • Prime Contractors
  • Churches
  • Private Sector
  • Urban or Rural Communities
How can we assist?
  • Assist with Establishing Shelter Operations
  • Emergency Awareness and Preparedness Training
  • Assist with establishing Emergency Preparedness Programs and Procedures
  • Enhance Emergency or Develop Natural Disaster Capabilities

TYPE OF DISASTERS: Tornadoes, Hazardous Material Clean-up efforts, Extreme Heat, Earthquakes, Winter Storms, Fire, Hurricanes, or Floods.

Training and Certifications:

  • Environmental Compliance Certification
  • Risk Management Certification
  • Safety Officer Certification
  • Infection Control Standard Precautions Certification
  • Medical Waste Transport Certification
  • HAZWHOP Hazardous Waste Worker Operations (OSHA 1910.120)
  • Hazardous Material Handling Certification
  • Radiological Emergency Management (FEMA)
  • Emergency Preparedness (FEMA)
  • Emergency Program Manager (FEMA)

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