Post Construction Clean-up

Before WE start post construction cleaning project :

  1. Check-in with the Company's Program Manager, Site Supervisor, or Lead in charge of the construction project.
  2. Attend Site Safety Meetings
  3. Check to ensure all TEAM PCS employees have approved site PPE.
  4. Assess the work area. Walkthrough building layout and get detail of scope of work. This helps us to know what material, tools, supplies needed for the job. Develop our preventative measures to reduce or avoid any accidents happening on the site. This will enable us to have ZERO incidents while working. Will heavy equipment be operated while Team PCS employees are on site? Weather forecast, chemicals usage, floor equipment, high areas, etc.....
  5. Protect any surfaces, belonging, and furniture to ensure spills from cleaners, wax, epoxy, etc.
  6. We use HEPA approved vacuum cleaners and cleaners to remove construction dust from upholstery, surfaces, walls, flooring, cabinets, etc.
  7. We use approved breaker outlets in case of tripped circuits.
  8. Safety is our number one concern, therefore, we use approved stepladders with warning label and weight spec's only.
  9. We are fully insured and covered for Insurance purposes for General Liability, Workers Comp, Auto Liability, and Excess Liability Coverage.